Our Practice

Why choose our veterinary practice?

Our Practice

Tower Wood Veterinary Group was founded in 1970. We now also have 1 branch practice and have a strong team of 5 veterinary surgeons, and a full complement of trained nursing and support staff. In addition we have a team of associate practitioners who offer specialities such as physiotherapy, chiropractic and cardiology.

The practice deals with all aspects of conventional small animal medicine and surgery.

Our practice philosophy is to provide a holistic approach to healthcare that takes into account the needs of both you and your pet aiming to treat all animals and owners as individuals. We aim to give the highest standard of care and service at all times to meet the needs of both animals and owners. We offer a wide range of treatment modalities always keeping our minds open and questioning.

We are committed to the on going training and development of our staff to enable us to fulfil our aims and help shape the future of veterinary medicine and practice.

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